How to Check If Your Vehicle Needs an Oil Change

Oil plays a crucial role in prolonging the lifespan of your vehicle’s engine while improving its performance. Learning how to change it at the right time can ensure you face fewer problems in the future.

One indicator that implies that you need to perform this task is the check engine/oil change light. If the oil change symbol illuminates, your vehicle is indirectly hinting at you saying that the oil level is dangerously low. When the check engine sign comes on, it’s indicating that your engine will suffer from extensive damage unless you correct the issue immediately.

There are other ways you can examine whether your car needs an oil change, as highlighted below:

Examine The Color Of The Oil

When the oil is fresh and clean, it will look amber. Over time, this fluid starts to become several shades darker as it collects particles from the engine. There’s no way of knowing when this shift takes place.

Due to this reason, the best option is to perform an oil check at least once a month. Remove the engine’s dipstick and clean it before putting it back. Take the apparatus out once again and inspect the color of the oil. If it turns out dark, thick, and dirty, it’s time you visit a garage in New Castle, DE, for an oil change.

Look At The Exhaust Smoke

Another way to confirm whether or not your car needs an oil change is to observe the exhaust. As the temperature starts to drop, it is common for vehicular emissions to host translucent vapor.

However, if you start to notice smoke in its place, this is an indicator that you must change the oil. Keep in mind that it may be a sign that there’s a problem with the engine too. Let a professional mechanic perform a diagnostic run to identify and rectify the problem.

Your owner’s manual will also give you all the information you need to know about oil changes in Bear, Middletown, and Newark. It may be a simple service, but this decision will ensure your vehicle is healthy throughout its lifespan.

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