How to Set Up Android Auto and Apple CarPlay

Android Auto and Apple CarPlay connect your smartphone to your car, opening up new capabilities, such as operating your car using voice command features, access to your phone through the dashboard, and more.

Setting Up Android Auto

Before you set up Android Auto, make sure that both your car and your phone are compatible with Android Auto.

Let's say you own a Chevy Mazda or Chevrolet Suburban and cannot ascertain whether you can use Android Auto. Just make sure that your Android runs on at least Android Marshmellow in your phone settings. If you live in Bear, Middletown, or Newark, you can drop by a Mazda dealership in Delaware.

To pair Android Auto to your phone using a USB cable: 

  • Download the Android Auto app from Google PlayStore.
  • Turn on your car.
  • Connect your phone to your car using a USB cable.
  • Pair the Bluetooth in your phone to the vehicle.
  • Go to Android Auto on your dashboard by clicking the button for it.
    (This will guide you through the steps you need to start using Android Auto.)
  • Turn on the notifications for Android Auto W
  • Whenever you go near your car, your device will automatically connect.

If you want to use a wireless connection, then pairing the Bluetooth on your phone to your car using a fast-speed internet will get you started. 

Setting up CarPlay

Now, if you wish to link Apple CarPlay: 

  • Turn on your car, and make sure Siri is activated.
  • Connect your iPhone using a USB connector.
  • For a wireless connection, press the voice-command button on the steering wheel and hold it down. Ensure you have Bluetooth activated.
  • Go to your iPhone and turn on the Settings.
  • Go to General, then hit ‘CarPlay’.
  • You will find 'Available Cars' there; select your model from here. 

For Siri's help, you can press down on the button on your steering wheel to activate the voice command and ask Siri a question. Another way to activate Apple CarPlay later is by pressing down on the CarPlay Dashboard. 

If you live in or near Newcastle, Delaware, and need help figuring out how to configure your Chevy Mazda or Chevrolet Suburban Android Auto, visit a Mazda dealership Delaware to seek assistance.